Our Approach

Our philosophy is to ensure that we provide you with more than just a taste plate of food, but a unique experience that embraces the Somali Culture in a modern sophisticated manner.

EatElegant recreates the warm and friendly atmosphere of Thailand, with enthusiastic Somali staff dressed in beautiful traditionall attire, who are always delighted to provide a personal, courteous service in the true tradition of Somali culture

We offer your guests a highly unique experience with menus tailored to your budget. If you are looking to organise an event, a wedding or birthday party or bridal shower requiring a 3- or 4-course menu, we can assist.

Our Story

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Meet the Team

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Qadar Adde

Founder & Head Chef

Mr Qadar Adde is a self-taught chef whose love of cooking is dwarfed only by his obsession with eating. He loves everything that’s good and he wants to share his love for food.

Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett

Service Team

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